Advice for students

Are you planning to study in the CZ? Or are you just curious about the Czech education system?
There are some useful information and advices.

At first, the word „gymnasium“ does not mean a sport hall – it is quite prestige high school. where you are supposed to prepare yourself for studying at an university.
More of this stuff you can find in the System of education.

So let’s skip for the universities. In the Czech Republic there are passing exams, which are sometimes very difficult. But once you pass the exams and you enter the university door, than there is a gorgeous world of all the student-pleasures: all-night parties, hectolitres of alcohol etc (that is what a lot of people think).

I must warn you, if you are rather conservative and if you like your privacy, do not accommodate in the majority of Czech student campuses (which are called „koleje“ that literally means „rails“). There you can hear what kind of music like your colleagues, smell all the dishes from people around you (sometimes there is only 1 kitchen on a floor, just like toilets and bathroom). OK, campuses are changing and there are less and less of those „hardcore“ campuses, where you can find your neighbours skiing on the stairs at 2 o’clock in the night with a bottle of vodka in their hands.

But the campuses are still the cheapest possibility of accommodation (it is about 2000 CZK/ month).Other possibility is to share a flat with other students. In the Czech Republic the price of a rent varies depending on the city. Prague is the most expensive, in the centre you can hire a room for +/- 5000 CZK / month and more.

There is also a possibility of cheap meals in the student dining hall (one meal costs about 30 – 35 CZK).

If you are student, you have a lot of advantages – you get the discount for public transport, for libraries, galleries etc (in general – almost all cultural and public institutions offer student prices).
And the best advice, in my opinion, is to find Czech friends. Then you are going to learn about Czech (student) life more than any article or book can tell you.


Update: NICM, 11/2011