Advice for students

Entry and stay

Students from EU and EFTA countries require only a valid passport for entry into Liechtenstein. For citizens of the new EU member states, provisional regulations apply.

Students from states requiring an entry visa must apply for it three months before entry at the Swiss Embassy or Consulate in their native country. In every case, we recommend contact well in advance with the diplomatic representation of Switzerland in your native country for a clarification of entry regulations.

Within eight days after entering Liechtenstein, all students must register at the local residents’ registration office in their community. Following this registration, the actual residence permit (alien identification card) is issued by Central Services at the Hochschule Liechtenstein. The fee for the residence permit is payable when issued.

Short-term residence validity – extension of residence permit: The short-term residence permit for students (L Permit) is issued for a maximum of one year. An extension of the permit is the full responsibility of the student. One month before permit expiration, the student is required to present all required documents to the Coordination Centre for Permits. If the deadline for submission of documents is not met, the Immigration and Passport Office is authorised to issue a fine.

Initial application for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens: If a short-term residence permit (L Permit) is required, it is to be submitted by 20 August for the winter semester and by 20 January for the summer semester.

The application and all accompanying documents are to be submitted to the Hochschule Coordination Centre for Permits for inspection and subsequently forwarded to the Immigration and Passport Office.

Initial application for citizens of third countries (visa requirement): Exceptions: Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand
Initial applications from third countries (visa requirement) entail two separate procedures (visa and short-term residence permit). Different documents and verifications are required for the two procedures. The visa is the basic precondition for obtaining the residence permit in Liechtenstein.

Additional information is available from the Principality of Liechtenstein Immigration and Passport Office homepage:


Studies and work at same time

Working in Liechtenstein Students of the Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences, under the fulfilment of certain conditions, have the possibility of taking up residence and working in Liechtenstein. The Coordination Office for Permits and the Student House at the University is available here to provide more detailed information and provides support in the formalities of application.


Student Employment in-house

From time to time and in a limited field there is the possibility that Students can work on a project basis with. Further information:


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