Age limits

15 years old – You can be held accountable for your own actions, which basically means that you can be convicted for any crimes you may have committed. You can get a moped/tractor license.

18 years old – You are considered an adult. You are allowed to vote at the elections. You can get a drivers license for a car, a truck or a motorcycle. You are also allowed to go in to a licensed restaurant. You can buy mild alcoholic drinks and cigarettes from the shop. You are allowed to use slot machines.

20 years old – You are allowed to buy strong alcoholic drinks from the shop. You can also go on a cruise on weekdays without an over 30 year old supervisor.

21 years old – You can get a drivers license for heavy vehicle combination or a bus.

23 years old – You may go on a cruise on weekends without an over 30 year old supervisor.


Here are some examples of things which are prohibited and permitted in Finland


  • physical disciplining of children
  • use and possession of narcotics
  • driving a vehicle whilst intoxicated (drunk driving, the limit is 0.5 per mill)
  • discrimination on the grounds of race, religion or gender
  • sexual relations with a person under the age of 16


  • to hold meetings and establish and join, e.g., organisations
  • to express various opinions publicly


Updated: 5.12.2012
Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs