Age limits

In case you come to the Czech Republic you should also know some of the basic rules concerning age limits.

There are several milestones in one’s life. The first is probably when you are 6 years old. That is time to start attending primary school. You usually finish the compulsory education after 9 years at the age of 15 which is very important threshold.

At the age of 15 you bear criminal responsibility and get a citizens ID which is regarded as s sign of maturity. The age of 15 is also minimum age child can be employed.

But maybe more important is another milestone – 18th birthday. Once you blow out the candles on your birthday cake you acquire new duties.
First of all according to the driving rules of the Czech Republic the minimum age of a driver is 18 years. So in case you get a new car for your 18th birthday you can also drive it! But be careful! Although the age limit of 18 allows you also to buy and drink alcohol as well as cigarettes, you cannot drive the car after alcohol consumption. There is zero tolerance in the Czech Republic.
When you are 18 you become completely liable for your acts such as right to vote, contracting of marriage, signing different documents etc.

Age of 26 is usual limit for students’ discounts. Usually you also have to identify yourself with some student card (ISIC is the most common). 26 is also limit for regular study time. As soon as you get over it the university stops paying for your social and health insurance and you become responsible for these duties.
However, if you come to the Czech Republic there is no age limit to have fun and enjoy the beauties of the country in the heart of Europe. You are very welcome!


Updated: NICM, 09/2012