Climate & Weather


Average temperature in January: 0° C. But temperatures of -20° C are possible. The first snow may fall in October and the last time may be in May.


Average temperature in March: 9° C.Temperatures can reach 25° C and more when the southern wind called „Föhn“ is active. While mountains could be covered under a lot of snow, the valley meadows could be in full bloom.


Average temperature in July: 18° C. Summers can be very hot with temperatures of about 35° C but often they are cold and rainy.


Average temperature in October: 11° C. Again, when the "Föhn" is active, temperatures might climb to 25° C and more. More but often the first snow and frost occurs in October.



Weather Vorarlberg, Hohenems-Dornbirn Flugplatz

Please note that Hohenems in Austria is only 38 km from the Liechtenstein capital Vaduz and at the moment the only weather station available nearby.


Updated: 10.9.2012
Photo: / Klimagrafik Liechtenstein