Climate & Weather

With its snowy and forest climate, Finland has wet and cold winters. The country is renowned for its countless lakes, of which there are around 200,000. There are also a large number of forests. 65% of the territory of Finland consists of forest and almost 10% of waterways.

Finland has four distinct seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. The winter lasts longer than the other seasons. It is snowy and dark, whilst the summer is bright and sunny. During the warm summer months, June and July in particular, many Finns usually take their summer holiday which lasts about a month. The average temperature in July in, e.g., Helsinki is approx. 17° C and during the winter, in February, -6° C.

It is generally colder in the North. During the winter months, there can be a frost in Lapland as low as -30° C. However, it is warm indoors in the winter since all buildings have central heating.


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Updated: 4.12.2012
Source: Ministry of Interior
Photo: Jaana Fedotoff