Communication Style in Macedonia

The communication style of most Macedonians is defined by the background of the person (religious, ethnic, social, educational, etc). In general, most people are polite but direct; if they consider something very important, they won’t hesitate to speak up and argue about it and vice-versa.

Even though they are good listeners they tend to speak more. Most of the time they speak fast and loud, using gestures and nonverbal communication.

People usually speak in a more indirect way when talking about serious matters or when trying to be polite, and they tend to be direct about less serious matters.

For instance, there is nothing wrong with asking how much money you make or in telling someone that they’ve put on weight. People are very kind and also very curious of other cultures. Do not be surprised if they ask you questions that seem inappropriate, such as how much money you make, what your house is like, etc. They are honestly just curious about how other people live!


Updated: 20.10.2012