Internet access and connection

  • As in most other European countries, Internet connection is common in the Czech Republic. You can either connect to the web at your hotel or visit an Internet café where you will pay around 30-80 Kč (1.2 - 3.2 euros) per hour. Recently, wide range of cafés and restaurants have installed free wifi hot-spots.
  • You can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, ADSL, mobile access and high speed cable.

The list of internet cafés in the CR:

The list of free wi-fi hot-spots
The list of internet providers:



Mobile phones

  • There are currently three mobile operators offering their services in the CzechRepublic: Vodafone, T-Mobile and Telefónica O2. Almost 100% of the country is covered by the mobile signal.
  • Before you start using your mobile phone in the Czech Republic, consider buying a local SIM card as it can considerably reduce your telephone bills. However, your mobile phone needs to be unblocked in that case. A SIM card together with a starting prepaid credit costs between CZK 200–500.

For specific terms and conditions of such services,please visit their respective websites: Telefónica O2 (mobile and land line operator), Vodafone, T-Mobile

Public telephone boxes

  • The public pay phone network in the Czech Republic is one of the densest in Europe. Public phones require either telephone cards or coins (in some of them you can insert euros). You can buy these cards at post offices, newsstands, gas stations and sometimes in supermarkets. These cards are sold for the price of CZK 150, 200, and 300.

Calling within the Czech Republic

  • all subscribers´ (both landline and mobile) national telephone numbers have a 9-digit form - the entire 9-digit number must be dialled for all calls within the CzechRepublic

Calling from abroad

  • The international dialling code for the CzechRepublic s +420 (or 00 420). When calling from abroad, this must be dialled first, with a 9-digit number following.

Calling abroad

  •  Information on foreign numbers and calling abroad can be obtained by dialling 1181.


Postal services

  • Postal services are officially provided by the Czech Post Office (Česká pošta). It has an exclusive right to operate the service for post up to 50 g in weight. Their services are reliable and of good quality. Items up to 50 g are delivered within the Czech Republic next day.
  • You will find at least one post office in every town. The post offices have limited working hours and they are usually closed during weekends. You can either send your postcards or letters from a post office or buy a stamp at a newsstand and put your mail in an orange post box.

Information on postage  on

If you need to send anything heavier than 50 g, you can do it at a post office: – section Express services

Or you can choose from tens of Czech and international express delivery services operating in the Czech Republic:


Update: NICM, 08/2012