Collect Calls

Do you want to call your friends or parents, but you don't have any money at that time? You can make a collect call for free. Dial 0800 0101 (for english press 2: enter the complete dutch telephone number followed by a hash sign #). The people on the other end will pay the costs, if they accept your call!


Dutch Post Offices – TNT Post

You can search for an orange Brievenbus [dutch for letterbox] online at (Locatiewijzer / Zoek brievenbus: enter postcode or city and click zoeken). Also great fun: upload a picture and have your own personalized stamps printed out at main post offices (bring your USB stick).

It is possible to have mail sent to you in the Netherlands, even if you don't have an address. The sender has to write on the envelope: your full name, then: POSTE RESTANTE and then the address of the post-office you want to receive your mail. With your ID-card or passport you can collect your mail at the post office.


Read English News about what is going on:


Updated: 12.10.2012