Country Dialling Code

Finland's country dialling code is +358

Phone booths

There are only few phone booths in Finland nowadays. In the smaller towns you cannot find any phone booths since almost everyone has a mobile in their pocket.

Mobile phones

If you have a phone, you can buy a Finnish prepaid card for it from an operator store (for example DNA, Elisa and Sonera) or from kiosks (for example R-Kioski). You can also buy a phone card that can be used in public pay phones. You can also load money to your phone via internet.

Internet access

To get online with your friends and family, try the nearest library. Most of the libraries have computers with internet access for customers. They can usually be used for free. Free access to internet can also be found at local youth information centres and points.

Many cafés and pubs have computers or a wi-fi connection, either for free or in exchange for a small amount of euros.

Postal services

Post offices can be found in most towns. It is common that a post office operates at a shop or supermarket. Stamps can be bought from kiosks (especially the ones with blue and yellow stripes, R-Kioski), post offices and some shops. For more information about postal services in Finland. The postal company in Finland is called Itella.


Updated: 5.12.2012