Cost of living

The Czech Republic is still considered as a cheap country, but lately, the level of prices, particularly in Prague, is approaching the “European standard”.There are, however, big differences between tourist-oriented shops and services and the ones used by common Czech people. The prices of the former reach or even sometimes exceed the price level common in big European cities, the other correspond more to the Czech living average.

More expensive spots are easy to recognize – headings in English, Russian or other foreign languages only and announces of some specialities. The cheaper shops and restaurants can be located in the city centre as well, but usually “behind the corner”. Try to look for the busy places with many Czechs around.
When going to the other Czech towns and cities, one can notice the prices are even 30% lower. There are much less tourist-specialized services and shops as well.

The prices in supermarkets and groceries are comparable throughout the whole Czech Republic. Due to big market competition, the prices of essential food in supermarkets in big cities are even lower. In this regard, expenses on life’s necessities are still low compared to the Western neighbours. Non-essential items may be, on the other hand, expensive.

The biggest part of salary of most people is spent on house or room rent. Therefore, if you want intend to settle in the Czech Republic and look for housing, you should take into consideration the cost on rent first. Its price level copies the distribution in other countries – the highest in the capital and main cities and the lowest in small towns and villages. The appeal of a particular place and comfort requirements also matter.

The following outline represents the reference prices as in the end of 2011 (1 EUR = 25 Kč – 11/2011)
Note: Depending on a place and quality, the actual price may vary up to 30%.



Bread  (loaf) 25 Kč   1EUR
Water (1.5 l) 12 Kč   0.48 EUR
Butter 30 Kč         1,2 EUR
Bagel 5 Kč          0.2 EUR
Milk (1liter) 15 Kč     0.6 EUR
Ham (100 g) 20 Kč    0.8 EUR
Eggs (10)   25 Kč    1 EUR        
Cheese (100 g) 20 Kč    0.8 EUR
Beer (0.5 l bottle) 13 Kč         0.52 EUR
Wine (0.7 l)  80 Kč    3.2 EUR
Vodka (0.5 l) 120 Kč        4.8 EUR
Cigarettes (average) 75 Kč  3 EUR


Restaurants and pubs

Daily menu  80 - 110 Kč     3.2 – 4.4 EUR
Meal in a mid-range restaurant  120-200 Kč    4.8 – 8 EUR
Hot dog        15 - 20 Kč     0.6 EUR
Beer         20 - 30 Kč    0.8 – 1.2 EUR
Wine (0.2 l)     30 – 35 Kč    1.2 -  1.4 EUR
Spirit (0.04 l)   35 – 50 Kč    1.4 – 2 EUR
Water, Coke (0.2 l)     25 – 40 Kč    1 – 1.6 EUR


Update: NICM, 11/2011