Cost of living

The cost of living in Cyprus is approximately like other Europe countries.

Rent per month:   € 
Room 180-250
Small Flat500 
Public transport- monthly ticket 30.00
Single ticket 1.00 
Cinema ticket 7.50 
Newspaper 1.20 
Lunch at restaurant 14-25.00 
1 x loaf bread  1.00 
1x beer shop  1.08 
1 x beer pub  3.60 
1 x coffee  2.70 
1 x sandwich  5.00 
1L milk  1.20 
1 kg apples  1.19 
1 kg potatoes  0.65 
6 eggs 1.70 
1L petrol  1.28 


European Youth Card

The Euro<30 youth card opens the door to reductions on cultural activities, shops, transport, eating out and accommodation, and can be used in 38 European countries. Most countries make it possible to buy and use the card up to the age of 30. Identify those places where you can get the card and the discounts at the link below.  





Updated: 31.8.2012