Country Profile

Constitutional monarchy – parliamentary democracy

The Netherlands is a country in North-West Europe which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a constitutional monarchy with countries in the Carribean such as Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. The monarch is the head of state, at the present Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

The name literally means the low-lying country and in other European languages is referred to as:

Danish: Holland, Kongeriget Nederlandene (formal)
Dutch: Nederland, Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (formal)
English: Kingdom of the Netherlands (formal)
Finnish: Alankomaat, Hollanti
French: Hollande f, Pays-Bas mp
German: Holland Niederlande fp
Italian: Olanda f, Paesi mp Bassi
Norwegian: Nederland, Kongeriket Nederland (formal)
Portuguese: Países Baixos, Holanda f
Russian: Королевство Нидерландов (formal)
Spanish: Países Bajos, Holanda f (variant)
Swedish: Nederländerna
Turkish: Hollanda Krallığı (formal)


Photo: Andreas Schleifenbaum
Updated: 12.10.2012