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image Malta 

Many people might think that Malta is just a sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where one could just sunbathe from morning till afternoon and then party in night clubs till night or morning again!!

But it is not just that! Actually, Malta is a lot more than that!

You could go for a walk in a small village and enjoy the sunshine of the early morning or the heat in the afternoon. Then maybe enjoy the beach, or visit a fishing village and have a cold drink by the sea. You could enjoy some good fish in a local restaurant or just some local bread with tomatoe sauce, basil and olive oil.

And what about the old history of Malta? It would be great if you can find some time to visit a couple of museums and sites that picture this old history of the island. People are very friendly and most of them speak English and Italian, so if you decide to pay this country a visit we are sure that it would be very pleasant and enjoying!

The following sections give more information about this small country. So enjoy browsing and reading! :)


Updated: 14.8.2012