Education system

Kindergarten is the first step in our educational  system and is the traditional form of pre-school education for children aged five to seven. After two years of kindergarten, children normally enter primary school. Primary school encompasses five grades and is the beginning  of compulsory education.

It is the common educational setting for all children and can be attended free of cost. Children who have had their sixth birthday by the end of June of the current year are admitted to primary school.The Oberschule provides general education and encompasses grades six to nine. It prepares students for their vocation. The Realschule is a challenging school. The Realschule prepares students for demanding professional apprenticeships or further schooling such as the upper level of the Gymnasium, vocational, business, and diploma high schools, as well as various continuing schools in Austria (commercial academies etc.). The long track of the Gymnasium builds on the fifth year of primary school and leads to the high school degree (Matura) in seven years. Additional transfer opportunities from the Realschule to the Gymnasium ensure good mobility. The lower level of the Gymnasium lasts three years; the upper level, which corresponds to the short track of the Gymnasium, lasts four years.

Since the entry into force of the Law of 25 November 1992 on Universities of Applied Sciences, Universities and Research Institutes, Liechtenstein has formally had a tertiary education sector, currently consisting of four university institutes. Information found on page: under point "education and science".


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