Education system

Education in Croatia is defined as a constitutional right. Education in Croatia is mainly provided by the public sector.

Primary education

Croatian elementary education consists of eight years, and it is compulsory. Children begin schools at the age of 6 or 7.

The grade schools are split in two stages: 1st through 4th grade, being taught by one teacher per class, with subjects such as Croatian, mathematics, visual art (likovna kultura), nature and society (priroda i društvo), physical education, music education, religion and at least one foreign language, usually English. 5th through 8th grades, where different teachers teach different subjects, with added subjects such as history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, informatics and in addition to English, often a second language (usually German, French or Italian).

Secondary education

Secondary education is also compulsory. Secondary schools in Croatia are subdivided into:

  • gymnasiums with four available educational tracks:
    • prirodoslovno-matematička gimnazija (specializing in math,informatics and science);
    • jezična gimnazija (with at least three foreign languages required);
    • klasična gimnazija (with a curriculum centered around classics, namely Latin and Ancient Greek);
    • opća gimnazija (which covers a general education and is not as specific)
  • vocational schools


Updated: 10.8.2012