Education system


Educatión System cheme in Spain:

  The Basic Obligatory Education from the first year until 16 years old:

  • Pre-school will be comprised of two cycles: The First Cycle (0-3 years) and the Second Cycle (3-6 years).
  • Primary Education will be subdivided in 3 cycles of two years each. The First Cycle (6-8 years), The Second Cycle (8-10 years) and The Third Cycle (10-12 years).
  • The Compulsory Secondary Education, which includes the (ESO) Compulsory Secondary Education, is from age 12 until 16.
  The Certificate of Secondary Education ( E.S.O) students can:
  • Begin to study the Middle-Level cycles:
  1. FP Grado Medio:  mid-level vocational     training/Sports Training
  2. Enter en the labour market with parents autorization
  3. Go to Bachelor.(2 years higher secondary-education course )

  • The certificate of Bachelor ( higuer secondary education course) students can
1.    Enter in the labour market
2.    Enter in the  higuer Educatión in Spain;

  •     University education:    Degree/Official Master/Phd/doctorate
  •     higher artistic education,
  •     the higher vocational training,
  •     advanced vocational art and design higher level
  •     higher-level sports education

 Further informatión in:

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Information at the regional level

To find a list of links that will lead you to the departments responsible for education in each of the autonomous regions of Spain.

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences

Find out more about the Spanish educational system, as well as the existing legislation. Have a look at the different diplomas and how you can certify your studies.