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Searching a job in Austria probably isn't much different from what you would do in your home country. There are many ways to find out about job opportunities and the more ways you try, the faster you'll come to a happy ending.


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Job ads (online and offline)

Job ads in newspapers are still a good starting point for a job search. All the major Austrian newspapers have quite large classifieds sections or even special career supplements especially on the weekend. If you already know the region where you want to move, a look into regional or local newspapers might also be worthwhile.

Most newspapers also offer online job searches on their websites. For obvious reasons there are even more job offers to be found there than in the print versions. For a list of online job sections of newspapers please have a look at the document provided at the bottom of this page (see Related Documents).

In addition there are of course a lot of other online job sites where you can search for a job, mostly by categories and location. Job sites especially for Austria are also listed in the PDF below (see Related Documents). Almost all these internet job markets are only available in German!


Personal contacts and networks

Contacting all your friends – most of all those in Austria, of course – is definitely very helpful. Just tell everyone that you are looking for a job and what kind of job you are looking for. Regarding business life, people in Austria rely a lot also on personal relationships which is not seen as something bad. So your friends will surely keep you updated on any open positions they get to know.


Public employment services

Austrian Public Employment Service, AMS

The Austrian Public Employment Service, AMS, is the official government institution for unemployed people and the first contact point for all questions concerning employment in Austria.

You can search for jobs online in their eJob-Room for applicants (see Related Links below ). You can also directly contact one of the regional AMS offices: Go to and choose the federal state you're especially interested in (website in German only!).



If you're an EU citizen and looking for jobs abroad, it's always recommended to contact a EURES adviser in your home country. EURES is operating in all EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and offers information, guidance and placement to jobseekers.
To search for EURES advisers in your region click here:

EURES also offers a job mobility portal including an online job search – also see Related Links below.


Quick note on the Austrian labour market

The unemployment rate in Austria is still relatively low compared to other EU countries and, depending on the method of data collection, ranging between 4.5 % (Eurostat) and 6.2 % (AMS) in August 2012.

It's of course difficult to forsee which will be the most demanded jobs in the future, but in general Austria is lacking work force in the field of engineering and science as well as care for old people.

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Sources for statistical data: Eurostat; AMS
Updated: 12.10.2012