Finding jobs

If you are interested in finding a job in the Czech Republic, here are some useful tips that are good to combine. It is better to find as much information about vacancies as possible.

One has the possibility to address state institutions, personal and employment agencies or to seek job offers on internet sites, eventually in daily papers that are published within the territory of the Czech Republic.


State institutions

EURES database (European Employment Services) enables EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members to look for job vacancies and education opportunities within the European Union:

Jobs for foreigners - vacancy database and employment services provided by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The database includes information from all Employment Offices in the Czech Republic and displays job offers that are suitable for foreigners:

Labor offices (Jobcentres) offer broad range of service related to vacancies, information on the labour market in the Czech Republic, eventually re-qualification and consulting. Contacts for labor offices:

Overview of particular labor offices in all the regions of the CR:


Internet sites

There are lot of job servers on the Internet. The structure of job offers is usually according to field of activity or region. Some job servers are listed below (they are mostly in Czech):

Personal and employment agencies

Private employment agencies can help foreigners (even with intermediate residency status) in finding a job.  Facilitating employment can be provided either for free or for a fee, even for a fee with profit. During the employment's facilitation, no fee can be taken from the job seeker. Any wage reductions in favor of agency are prohibited.

Here is a list of employment agencies operating within Prague which received a license to to facilitate the employment:


Update: NICM, 04/2013