Finding Jobs

While finding a job in Germany may not always be an easy task, there are many resources to help you along the way. Many of these places to search for jobs can be contacted even before arrival here in Germany. Best of luck and remember to use the tools available to you!

Places to look:

Newspapers and magazines: While many times theses tend to list unskilled or semi-skilled work, the Saturday editions also frequently have more skilled and management positions listed.

Recruitment Agencies: Private recruitment agencies are listed in the telephone book and yellow pages under Arbeitsvermittlung.


Labour offices (Agentur für Arbeit)


The EURES network is a partnership between the employment services in the EEA to support the free movement of workers. It facilitates the circulation of vacancies and enables online access to up-to-date information on living and working conditions in each EEA member state. EURES staff specializes in the practical issues surrounding employment in member states. They assist people who wish to work abroad and help employers find suitable employees from other EEA



The Federal Labour Agency

The Federal Labour Agency is the public labour administration in Germany and, as a self-governing body, carries out the tasks specified by federal legislation. These responsibilities include job placement services and providing assistance and advice for people who are looking for a job.                                                   
The Federal Labour Agency maintains regional branch offices in many cities and towns in Germany. The agency also has its own internet portal for job referrals, listed under related links.

Private Job Placement

There are numerous private job placement services in Germany. Sometimes, they perform these services, or part of them, as sub-contractors on behalf of the Federal Labour Agency.

The so-called "labour market portals", which are internet data bases designed for job-seekers, are also a helpful tool.