Finding Jobs


There are several ways to check out the job situation in the Netherlands before you are even on the spot! If you are from a European Union country, go and check out your local European Employment Services (EURES) advisor.

At their internet site you will find the vacancies. You can carry out a direct search or post your CV on the site. If you are from an EEA country it is maybe worth to look at your own country’s national employment office’s web pages. There you can find e.g. au pair vacancies and seasonal jobs in other EEA countries.

If you are not from an EEA country (EU countries and three EFTA countries: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), finding work is more limited. Since the EU has combined regulations about working in another EU country, it means less chance for others. It also means that you have to do all the searching by yourself and you have to take care that you have all the necessary documents like visa and work permits.



are ideal to find jobs, especially the Saturday newspapers carry a lot vacancies. If you don’t want to buy them, you can also find them on the in libraries or on the web.

The newspapers that are worth checking out are Intermediair (paper version only), De Telegraaf, De Volkskrant  and Het NRC Handelsblad. Look there for "vacatures" (vacancies) and for the rest you might need a dictionary.

One thing you can also check beforehand is if there are any international companies from your own country also existing in the Netherlands. They might need some native speakers for cooperation between the two countries.


Updated: 10.10.2012