General information

Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest country of Europe, after Vatican City, Monaco, and San Marino.

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked alpine country in Central Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the West and South and by Austria to the East.

Its population is primary ethnic German, though its resident population is approximately one third foreign-born, particularly  from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There is also a significant population of Italians and Turks.





The official language is German, most speak an Alemannic (a highly divergent) dialect of German, like Middle High German.

About 76% of the population adhere to the Roman Catholic faith, while about 7% are Protestant.

Good sources of touristic information are the following tourist offices or

Liechtenstein Tourismus: Städtle 37, 9490 Vaduz, +423 239 63 00,

Tourist Office Malbun: 9497 Triesenberg/Malbun, +423 263 65  77

Tourist Office Schaan: Landstrasse 94, 9494 Schaan, +423 232 35 65

Tourist Office Triesenberg: Dorfzentrum, 9497 Triesenberg, +423 262 19 26

Updated: 10.9.2012