Health care

!!! In case of any problem concerning health care during your stay in the Czech Republic, you can contact The Centre for International Reimbursements (CMU) on e-mail address or by phone on 00 420 - 236 033 411 !!!

In case of emergency call an ambulance. Central extension for emergency calls is

112 (international, communication in foreign languages)  and

155 (local, usually communication in czech language only).

List of hospitals here

 The health service in the Czech Republic is provided by traditional and specialized medical institutions, where various medical procedures are performed. They provide patients with healthcare which is free at the point of delivery (this is also true for the citizens of EU member countries holding a European Health Insurance Card - EHIC).

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)






Health insurance

Health care in the CR is financed through public health insurance. All Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent residence are obliged to participate in the system by paying regular financial contributions. The payment grants them the right to receive health care.

The Czech health insurance system is administered by ten health insurance companies.

Health insurance for citizens of EU member states/ Switzerland/EEA
In case of need of medical treatment during the temporary stay in the CR, visitors with the Provisional certificate or the European health insurance card (EHIC) can go to the doctor/dentist/hospital directly with this document. Since mid 2004 citizens from the individual EU member states who travel temporarily to another EU member state and hold the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Provisional certificate are automatically insured. All healthcare providers in the EU, the EEA and Switzerland must accept patients from the EU in possession of an EHIC. If you don’t have any of the above mentioned documents, the physician can ask you for cash payment. 
Individuals from EU member countries can also arrange extra health insurance cover (covering repatriation). The Czech State Health Insurance Companyprovides a commercial insurance product for those staying in the country for longer periods as tourists.

Every insured person (or his/her legal representative) is obliged to pay the regulation charge to the health care provider for the medical treatment provided by him. There are three levels of the regulation charges:

1) 30 CZK
•    for the visit by the general practitioner, pediatrist, gynecologist, dentist, specialist (outpatient care), during which a clinical investigation has been made
•    for issuing of  prescribed medicament that is fully or partially covered by the health insurance or nourishment for special medical purposes, irrespective of the number of prescribed packages on the prescription.

2) 90 CZK
•    for emergency care that was provided by the first aid medical service including first aid medical service provided by the dentists,
•    for hospital emergency service provided on Saturday, Sunday and holidays and in working days during 17.00 and 7.00 unless the insured person is subsequently admitted to hospital.

When staying in the CR for longer time, e.g. students, it is always possible to choose and contact one of the health insurance companies. Once you get registered you will obtain „Potvrzení o registraci“ (Certificate of Registration) which will be submitted to the attending doctor/dentist/at the hospital before getting the treatment.

Health insurance for citizens of non-EU/EES/Switzerland countries
Citizens of countries outside the EU/EES/SUI should arrange health insurance before leaving their country. If they fail to do so, they will have to pay for treatment at the point of delivery.



The network of pharmacies in the Czech Republic is quite dense and some of them are available even by night. They sell medicines and other material necessary for treatment and healthcare prescribed by doctors or some medical products that can be bought without prescription. Validity of a doctor’s prescription:
•    A prescription from an A&E department is valid on the day it is issued and the following day
•    A prescription for antibiotics is valid for 3 days
•    All other prescriptions are valid for one week


Updated: NICM, 02/2014