Health care


112 is the number you have to dial in case of an emergency. Besides the ambulance, you can also get in contact with the police or fire department if needed. To dial this number, you don’t need a phone card or coins.

If you’re sick or a have wound or something is broken, you can also go to the E.H.B.O. (first aid) at the hospital.

If you are in the Netherlands for a longer stay and you study or work here, you can ask for a list of "huisartsen" (general practitioners/doctors ) in your neighbourhood when you register at City Hall or look in the telephone book. If you found yourself a "huisarts", he or she is the person to go to first if you aren’t feeling so well.

To finance this, a small amount for health care is automatically deducted from your salary and in addition you will pay a monthly amount directly the Health Care Insurance Company of your choice. There are about 80 Insurance companies in the Netherlands.



An "Apotheek" (pharmacy) delivers medicine and can also give you information about prescriptions. For many kinds of medicine a prescription from a doctor is obligated. Only some painkillers and things like cough mixture can be bought at the counter.


Updated: 12.10.2012