Health care

It is not always easy to arrange your medical needs when you arrive to a new country. In this section you will find necessary information to plan your medical needs. Before your departure, please check at your home country which insurances you can use in Finland in case of an emergency or illness. If you visit Finland temporarily and you are a citizen of EU/EEA countries you have to apply for European Health Insurance Card.

After getting your residence permit and your social security number, you are eligible to use local health care services. If you are living permanently in Finland, you can get KELA (Social Insurance institution of Finland) card. This means that you are entitled to social security benefits from Kela. You can, for instance, claim a refund from Kela in relation to many medicines.

If you are a basic degree student (Master`s degree is also included in basic degree in Finland) you are eligible to use student health care services. In case of an emergency, you can always visit the hospital. There are also private clinics and doctors you can visit. You can always find a health professional in Finland who speaks fluent English. Especially in areas where many foreigners live, there are always English speaking midwives, nurses and doctors.

If you have an emergency situation please call 112 to ask for help.


Updated: 15.8.2012