Higher education

University of Liechtenstein

(fields: architecture, business, sciences)

The university offers courses of study leading to bachelor and master degrees in Architecture and Business Sciences. The bachelor degree courses of study in Architecture and Business Information Services and Business Management with concentrations in Financial Services or International Management take a minimum of six semesters. The master degree courses of study in Architecture, Banking & Financial Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Information Systems take three to four semesters. In a third period of study, a PhD can be achieved. The PhD-Thesis is written at one of the three partner universities with coaching by Professors of the University Liechtenstein.

Students admitted to the bachelor degree courses of study must have a vocational high school degree or be eligible for higher education specific to their professional field, or they must have a general high school degree.

In addition to the bachelor and master degree courses, the university offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities such as lectures, seminars, university courses, post-graduate diploma programmes and executive master degree courses. The diplomas awarded by the University Liechtenstein are recognized by the state and comply with EU directives on reciprocal recognition of diplomas, examination results, and other certificates of professional competence.


Liechtenstein Institute 

The Liechtenstein-Institute is a scientific research center and academic teaching institute. It conducts and promotes research related to Liechtenstein in the fields of Law, Political Science, Economic and Social Sciences, and History.


International Academy of Philosophy 

The International Academy of Philosophy is a private university for the study of philosophy, at which a full course of study in philosophy is offered leading to the degree of master or doctor. Studies completed and degrees attained at the International Academy of Philosophy are recognized by Germany and Austria as equivalent to their own degrees.


University of Human Sciences 

The University of Human Sciences in the Principality of Liechtenstein is a recognized university offering postgraduate education and research. Part-time doctoral studies in scientific medicine (Dr. scient. med) are currently offered. Other courses of study are Executive Masters programs in Mediation and Property Law. The University of Human Sciences engages in research cooperation with the Vorarlberg Institute for Vascular Investigation and Treatment, VIVIT, Feldkirch, Austria; the Academia Raetica headquartered in Davos, Switzerland; the Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique, CSEM, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland; the Research School of Biological Sciences at Australian National University in Canberra, Australia; and the Department of Cell and Organism Biology at Lund University, Sweden.

Updated: 10.9.2012
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