Holidays and short stay

Most tourists prefer to stay in hotels or apartments in the center of the city. The prices for hotels depend on the season (summer periods are more expensive) and the benefits they offer. You can find from a five star hotel to a cheap room, so be carefully at what you need and how long you will stay.

Book your accommodation early so you can find better prices and free space.
For information about hotels and tourist establishments and protection tips for your personal belongings during your stay, visit the link below.


Youth Board of Cyprus-Youth Hostel

Are you a young person who is looking for accommodation during your holidays in Cyprus or a Youth Organization planning to visit Cyprus or have an Exchange Program with a Cypriot Youth Organization?

Then, the Youth Hostel of the Cyprus Youth Board is the best place for you, free internet, comfortable rooms, hall for events and seminars, audiovisual material. A bed at youth hostel costs 10€ all the seasons.




Updated: 31.8.2012