The official language of Croatia is, of course, Croatian!

Standard and literary Croatian is based on the central dialect, Shtokavian (Štokavian) and belongs to South Slavic language group. The other dialects spoken by Croats are Chakavian (Čakavian),Kajkavian, and Torlakian (by the Krashovani).


Some basic phrases

Here are some basics of standard Croatian which will help you getting around in Croatia:

Bok! (informal) / Dobar dan! (formal)
Dobrodošla! (f) / Dobrodošao! (m) /
Dobrodošli! (pl.)
Bok!/Ćao! (informal) / Doviđenja! (formal) Good bye!
Da – NeYes – No
Kako se zoveš? (informal) /
Kako se zovete? (formal)
What’s your name?
Zovem se …My name is …
Drago mi je!Pleased to meet you!
Dobar tek!
Bon appetit!
Sretan put!Bon voyage!
Ne razumijem.I don't understand.
Kako se kaže … na hrvatskom?How do you say … in Croatian?
hvalathank you
Oprostite!Sorry! / Excuse me!
Volim te.I love you.
U pomoć!Help!


Updated: 9.8.2012