The Maltese language is the national language of Malta. However, English is also an official language of the country.

Maltese is originally a Semitic language descended from the now non-existent Sicilian-Arabic dialect The Maltese alphabet consists of 30 letters based on the Latin alphabet.

Maltese has a Semitic base with substantial borrowing from Sicilian, Italian, a little French, and more recently, and increasingly, English.

100% of the population speak Maltese. Also, 88% of the population speak English, 66% speak Italian, and 17% speak French. This widespread knowledge of second languages makes Malta one of the most multi-lingual countries in the European Union.


Some basic phrases

So if you are interested in visiting Malta do not worry about how you could communicate! However here are some words and phrases in Maltese. Enjoy!

Bonġu!Good Morning!
Bonswa!Good Evening!
Kif inti?How are you?
Fejn toqgħod?Where do you live?
Trid tixrob?Would you like a drink?
jekk jogħġbok – grazziplease – thank you
Skużani!Excuse me!
tajjeb – ħażingood – bad
Saħħa! Cheers!


Updated: 14.8.2012