For longer stay

Study year

The easiest way to find a place to live for a study year is probably to contact the local student housing association.

There are different forms of housing to choose from such as shared apartments, single-room apartments and family apartments. The shared and group apartments are the cheapest and easiest to obtain.

There are also other options where you can find housing such as the municipalities and private real estate companies.

Local youth information service is a good place to get information about housing.


Longer Stay

If you need to rent an apartment for a longer period you have several options. Firstly, contact the municipality for their rental apartments. Sometimes the local housing is appointed to a certain real estate office where you can apply for an apartment. Being active yourself can also be helpful. Flipping through the local newspaper for rental apartments, or maybe even placing an ad yourself can be very effective. Check also the websites of real estate offices. Many private apartment owners look for tenants there.


Updated: 5.12.2012