Public holidays

On public holidays all official offices, civil service departments, schools, universities and banks are closed. Supermarkets and most shops are closed as well. There are also some limitations in the public transport. Please remember to make your arrangements according to public holidays.

Finnish Public Holidays

  • New Year's Day (1.1.)
  • Epiphany (6.1.)
  • Good Friday (22.4.) 
  • Second Easter Day (25.4.)
  • May Day (1.5.) 
  • Ascension Day (2.6.)
  • Midsummer (24.–25.6.)
  • Independence Day (6.12.) 
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (24.–26.12.)

School Holidays

Schools for basic and upper-secondary education start on the second week of August. There is a fall break in October and ski break in March. Schools are closed a few days before Christmas and start again after Epiphany. Summer vacation starts in the beginning of June.

Higher education institutes start at the beginning of September. Some faculties may have a fall break in October and ski break in March. From mid December till mid January universities are on holiday. Summer vacation starts in May.


Updated: 5.12.2012
Photo: Jaana Fedotoff