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All internal flights are operated by Croatia Airlines, the national carrier. The price of internal flights in Croatia can be cheaper than taking a train or bus, especially off-season and off-hours. The largest airports are Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik with Zadar, Rijeka, Pula and Osijek also receiving international flights. Flight schedules are highly seasonal especially for international flights. Whether domestic or international, prices are higher in the summer.

Croatian Airlines:


Travelling Croatia by bus is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to a car. The internal bus network is excellent on the mainland but buses on Croatian islands are much less frequent.

Bus travel is relatively comfortable as companies must compete for customers on popular routes. Seats recline and air-conditioning is standard. Most routes are daytime only but there are a few night buses between far-flung destinations. You usually do not need to reserve far in advance but it would be advisable if you are going to a popular coastal destination in the summer. Also, remember that seating is assigned so if you don't want to be stuck in the back you should buy your ticket a day ahead of time, if possible.

The only place to buy bus tickets is at the bus station. You cannot buy bus tickets online. Be aware that if you buy a return trip you will have to travel on that company's bus! Baggage is placed under the bus and there is a small charge per bag.

Zagreb bus station :

Split bus station:



Croatia's domestic train system is relatively limited but offers a safe and comfortablealternative to bus travel. You can reserve and buy your train tickets from any train station in Croatia and pay using any major credit card. At the Croatian Railways site you can get schedules and prices in English but you cannot book online.

Croatia is part of the Eurail Pass system. You can travel to Croatiaon a Eurail Pass, a regional pass or travel in Croatia on a Croatia Rail Pass.

Croatian Railway Map:

Croatian railways:



Ferries in Croatia connect the Croatian coast with all inhabited islands. Ferries to Croatia connect Croatian ports with Italy. Jadrolinija is the state-owned company that runs nearly all ferries in Croatia, helped by a few private ferry companies.

Local Jadrolinija ferries connect all islands to the mainland and there is a summer coastal ferry from Rijeka to Dubrovnik. Passengers can always get on board but reserve ahead if you're bringing a car, especially in the busy summer season. 


 Updated: 10.8.2012