Public transport


From Skopje busses travel to Belgrade (1350 MKD, six hours, 431 km, 16 daily), Prishtina (300 MKD, 1¾ hours, 87 km, six daily), Sofia (640 MKD, six hours, 222 km, six daily) and further-flung Eastern European centres such as Sarajevo, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Many of these routes pass through smaller centres, including Ohrid and Bitola.

To/from Albania you can travel from Tetovo via Struga to Tirana by bus (900 MKD, six to seven hours, two daily on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). From Ohrid you can catch a Sveti Naum bus to the border (80 MKD, 50 minutes, 29 km, four daily) and cross on foot. 



Trains from Skopje head to Belgrade via Niš (1209 MKD, nine hours, two daily), Prishtina (€ 4, 2½ hours, two daily), Podgorica via Nis (2000 MKD, 17½ hours, daily), Zagreb (2050 MKD, 18 hours, daily) and Ljubljana (2690 MKD, 20½ hours, daily). Sleepers are available.

You can find timetables for international routes on the website of Macedonian Railsways:



Macedonia has two international airports:

  • Skopje’s Petrovec airport / SKP: 02-3148 333
  • Ohrid airport / OHD: 046-252 820; much smaller than Petrovec

There is no departure tax.


Airlines flying to/from Macedonia


Updated: 20.10.2012