Registering in the country

Registration of residence | Residence permit


Registration of residence

Everybody has to register with the local authorities within three days after establishing an accomodation in Austria, for example when you first move to Austria or when you move within Austria and change your primary residence ("Hauptwohnsitz").

This means that within three days after actually moving into your new place you have to go to the registry office to register in person. You can also send an authorised trusted person or do it by post.

Required documents:

  • Filled-in registration form ("Meldezettel") including the signature of the landlord or landlady (see Related documents below)
  • Official document that features last name and first name, last name before the first marriage, date and place of birth, and citizenship e.g. passport or birth certificate)
  • For people without Austrian citizenship: a valid travel document e.g. passport

For longer stays in hotels, hostels or the like, there's a simplified registration procedure. You only have to fill the standard check-in form; everything else is handled by the accomodation provider.

screenshot of the residence registration form


Residence permit

  1. EU citizens
  2. EU citizens enjoy the right to live anywhere in the European Union. In addition to the obligatory registration of residence, no further residence permit is needed.

  3. Citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland
  4. If you're from one of these four countries, you do not need a residence permit but have to apply for a registration certificate ("Anmeldebescheinigung") instead. You must deliver your application in person to the responsible authority within four months after your arrival in Austria.

    After five years of continuous legally living in Austria you can get a "Bescheinigung des Daueraufenthalts" which certifies your permanent residence.

  5. Citizens of other countries
  6. So-called "third-country nationals" require a residence permit for staying longer than six months.

    There are up to ten different types for different purposes, with different requirements and different expiry dates. Usually the initial application has to be delivered to the Austrian embassy or consulate in the home country.


Updated: 19.10.2012