Seasonal jobs & work permit

Seasonal work

If you would like to come Finland for a summer job, you need to organise it already in January or February. During holiday seasons many tourist resorts look for seasonal workers, which is a good way to earn a few extra euros for the winter. Picking berries is a common summer job, especially for youngsters under the age of 18. More information on strawberry picking jobs in Suonenjoki in the link below. Visiting local youth information service and local employment agency are highly recommended.


Work Permits

EU and EEA citizens right to work in Finland:
EU citizens and citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can freely work in Finland if the work lasts for a maximum of three months. After that, they must register their right to reside in Finland, but they do not need a special residence permit.


How is the right to reside in Finland registered?

The employee must go to the local police department to register his or her right to reside in Finland. The police register the right of residence of an employed person in the Register of Aliens, and issue a registration certificate verifying the registration. When necessary, the employee must also present a doctor's statement testifying to his or her state of health.

For how long is the right to reside in Finland valid?

Unless it is withdrawn, registration by a person with the right to reside in Finland is valid until further notice. After four years of residence in Finland, the employee can be granted a permanent right of residence.


In the links below you will find detailed information about how to find a job in Finland.

Updated: 5.12.2012
Photo: Jaana Fedotoff