Transport in Cyprus is mostly by car, but you can save money using other types of transportation such as bus, bicycle etc. If you would like to use car, you can rental a car from airport or other tourists' location. Driver's license is necessary, and if you have European driver's license you must bring it with you to allow you drive here. The petrol in Cyprus is cheaper from other European countries but we suggest you to use the other types of transportation because it's even cheaper. Else, if you would like to use buses there are buses from one city to other and inside one city.

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The price for tickets is approximately 1€ per trip or 2.50 € per day, inside the city. The tickets from city to city are approximately 3–5 € one way and 5–7 € for all day.

There are also some other services like Travel Express, which is combination of taxi and bus. Travel Express taxis are small buses with about 7 seats and you can prepare your trip by phone or by website. The buses take the passengers from where they want and let them to the center of city. The price is approximately 15 euro, depends from the destination. These buses are more quickly than normal buses and only for long distances (from city to another city).

Another way to travel in the city is with a bicycle. You can rental a bicycle from the car rentals or from the local bicycle station in touristic areas. In Cyprus there several roads especially for cyclists and there are lot of roads with strips next to normal roads. The price for bicycle with special equipment is about 100 € per week. You can hire a bike for some hours from the local bicycle stations, where are cheapest. If you want to learn more about cycling in Cyprus visit

And the other choice is by using taxis, inside the city you can call for a taxi or you can find one in your way. The price for small distance is about 2 or 3 € and for largest distances depends from the time it take to get here.

The last choice but without any charge is by feet. In the center of cities you can comfortably use your feet because there are many pedestrians and the distances are smaller than other Europe countries.

People with disabilities can use buses, Travel Express and taxis as well. The drivers are going to help you any time.


Updated: 31.8.2012