Finland may be in the most northerly corner of Europe. Still reaching it is easy - and less expensive with each passing year.

Finnish airlines and many other Transport
airlines have non-stop, usually
daily connections from cities right across Europe, as well as an extensive network of Asian destinations. Usually the airlines fly to the efficient and modern Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. Airports in Tampere and Oulu also have international connections.

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Some flight times to Helsinki:

 Beijing7h 40min
 Brussels2h 40min
 London3h 10min Moscow1h
 New York8h 40min Paris3h 05min
 Rome3h 35min Stockholm55min
 Tokyo9h 25min



Motorists can drive on to one of the many ferries crossing the Baltic from Sweden, Germany and Estonia. The main harbour towns are Helsinki, Turku and Maarianhamina (Åland islands).

If you want to take a train to Finland, there are international train links to Helsinki from Moscow and St. Petersburg.