The Czech Republic shares the same principles of migration with other states of the European Union.

European Union citizens

European Union flagIn December 2007 the Czech Republic joined Schengen area and Czech citizens  can therefore cross the borders of the Schengen member states without any travel documents.

The same applies to foreigners from Schengen area states travelling to the Czech Republic. No travel document is required. Here is a list of Schengen area member states:

Foreigners from other EU countires may use a passport, diplomatic passport or any ID.

However, if stay in the CR exceeds 90 days, foreigners must register at the foreign police within the state of residence, which will automatically issue a residency permit.

Non-visa requirements regarding other states

With some states, the Czech Republic maintains a shared non-visa requirement and with some, a one-way non-visa requirement.
The actual list of states and types of visa contacts is available on the web pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Visa regulations for other states

Citizens of states who must provide a visa to enter the Czech Republic include for example Ukraine, Morocco, China and Russia.


Update: NICM, 11/2011