If you are interested in voluntary work, your first step is to make contact with organisations in your home country. You can go to your nearest Youth Information Centre or a big youth organization to ask if there are organisations that are sending volunteers to the Netherlands.

If you are between 15 and 25 years old, wanting to spend 6 to 12 months in another country, you have the possibility to engage in the Youth in Action Programme.

Youth in Action is a programme of the European Union, therefore volunteers from EU Member States can go to many different places. There are some restrictions for volunteers from pre-accession countries, Mediterranean and other partner countries.

It gives young people possibilities in the form of group exchanges, voluntary work and support activities. EVS is one of the possibilities (18–25 years), to work as a volunteer. If 6 months or more is too long, you can engage in the EVS short-term projects. Those projects have a duration from 3 weeks to 6 months.

Below there is a list of some European organizations which send volunteers (not EVS) from their country to the Netherlands;

  • Hungarian Volunteer Centre Foundation 
  • Finnish youth co-operation Allianssi
  • Polish voluntary work organizations
  • Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste
  • Internationale Begegung in Gemeinschaftsdiensten
  • Italian voluntary work organisations
  • French voluntary work organisation
  • Civil Voluntary Service Bulgaria


There are some world-wide Internet pages where you can look for more voluntary work programs and organizations in the Netherlands and your own country.

At these web pages you can also find summer camps combined with working. That means that you work 1 to 3 weeks for some local or universal organization. The work can be for example agricultural, social work, art or cultural work or nature work. Your lodging is taken care of by the host organization. You need only paid your travel expenses. Lots of youngsters combine a working camp when they are backpacking through Europe.

If you are interested in working couple of weeks at an organic farm in the Netherlands, have a look at WWOOF.

Another way is to search for a programme in the Netherlands. Some organizations that mainly send volunteers abroad sometimes have projects here. The SIW organisation in Holland let volunteers from all over the world choose from fifteen to twenty SIW volunteer projects in urban and rural areas of The Netherlands. 

There is also a possibility to do local unpaid voluntary work. Voluntary work can be done for example helping in places for elderly people, for children or drug addicts just to mention a few. There are many local voluntary services in the city and one internetsite (freeforce) which covers different vacancies for volunteer work in the whole country.


Updated: 11.10.2012