Volunteering is a very good way to get to know a new culture and interact with people while you are developing new skills for your future. Finland also offers possibilities for young people to do volunteer work.

Volunteering is valued a lot in Finland. When you come to Finland you will see that many Finns are part of various associations or organizations. Finland has approximately 5.4 million inhabitants, and there are over 100.000 associations.

There may be local organizations, clubs or associations who might need your contribution. As well as many festivals and winter sports activities can host volunteer’s in their activities. It gives you an opportunity to see many events for free while you are volunteering. Jobs at the festival might vary. Most of them also include basic accommodation and food. For more information you need to contact the festival or activity organizers. Youth information services are also good places to get more assistance.

Are you familiar with the European Volunteer Service (EVS)? If not, it is high time to take a look at the possibilities for EVS in Finland. Other organisations organise volunteer programmes in Finland as well. Whether you already live in Finland or not, you can contact youth information services to ask about other possibilities that local associations offer. In the links below you will find more information to start your search.


Updated: 5.12.2012
Photo:Jaana Fedotoff