Youth Information Services




The INJUVE, in collaboration with regions, municipalities and other institutions and associations engaged in several activities to bring young people with information on all kinds of issues that affect and interest them, and to contribute to the training of professionals dedicated to this task.

Make information relevant to young people that enable them to access, under the best conditions, as many opportunities as possible, favoring in / young people to develop personal autonomy, through a comprehensive, reliable, free independent, and exchanges and disseminates information through existing networks in the field of youth information.

The "Network of Youth Information Services" “REDSIJ” existing in Spain currently has more than 3341 services, centers, offices and youth information points located all across our country. Collaboration on Youth information extends to European networks such as ERYICA.


In our country there are more than 3,000 youth information centers, dependent on the autonomous regions, municipalities and various social initiatives.



Updated: 10.10.2012